Four reasons to save the amazing rhino

They are mega-herbivores

Rhinos eating habits help maintain and shape the landscape. By walking through shrubs and trees, results in them shaping the way they grow and keeping them short helping other species get their food.

Good for tourism

The big five does not exist if there is no rhino, with the rhino being one of the most popular animals with zoo visitors. They attract many tourists from all over the world.

We are to blame

Humans are to blame for the rhino becoming one of the rarest and threatened species. Poachers hunt rhinos for their horns so that they can sell them to the highest bidder.  People collect rhino harms for many reasons. In Yemen, the horn is used for the handles of curved daggers and traditional medicine.

Because you  can

It’s as easy as tweeting to raise awareness by using the hashtag #WorldRhinoDay, hosting a cake sale to raise money for donations, volunteering to a rhino conservation of your choice and participating in Rhino Fridays by wearing a “Save The Rhino” T-shirt.




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