Giving back to the community

Early Childhood Development practitioners with some of the artists who cleaned the centre.

This was to help the staff who look after children in Extension Three.

“The centre was started as a feeding scheme in 2009 and over the years it’s also turned into a drop-in centre.

“This is because there was a need for children to be stimulated and assisted to be prepared for school.

“The children we have now are mostly between the age of five and six and most of them are confident and are now able to express themselves without fear,” says the founder of the centre, Martha Twala (56).

She adds they also have 50 children who visit the centre in the mornings and 30 who go there in the afternoons.

These children are provided with breakfast and lunch while others are assisted with their schoolwork, so that they don’t just roam around the community.

“When the need arises we provide a 24-hour services as some parents work at night or on weekends.

“This is our way of protecting the children from any accidents and abuse,” she says.

One of the artists who was present to assist, Mpumelelo Dube says as performing artists of Kwatsaduza they wanted to give back to the community.

“After seeing that there was a need, we gathered some friends to come and help out.

“As artists from Kasi Exclusive, Art and Talent, we were happy we could clean, fix the garden and play with the children,” he says.

Teboho Seabelo

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