Violence should fall

Phelisiwe Ndala

I have no problem with people who request and march in peace to get their message across but what infuriates me is the violence and vandalism that accompanies these protests.

In the past few days we have seen students vandalise and loot retail stores all in the name of free education.

What does setting a bus on fire have to do with free education? Will that make those who make decisions give them what they want? No!

That to me is sheer disrespect and intolerable behaviour from the students. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they shouldn’t protest or ask for what was promised to them, but they need to do it in a civilised and respectful manner. Because I don’t see anything civilised with burning lecture halls and disrupting classes.

Why should others suffer because they want to learn?

Now the academic calendar has been disturbed because of these protests and again its them, the students who will suffer the most.

We are a country that stems from violence and inequality and we are trying to rectify the damage of apartheid.

But citing more violence is not the way to solve the issue we are currently facing.

First it was the Marikana massacre, then schools were torched in Limpopo now its fees must fall; that is just too much violence for one country.

Can’t we find another way to let our voices be heard without violence?

What are the children of this country learning if they see us using violence as a way to be heard or get things? I really doubt that this is the only way for us to communicate.

I really understand how frustrating it must be when two sides don’t find a mutual ground and more meetings have to be set up for further engagements.

Violence has never solved any problem before instead it creates more problems and leaves everyone bitter and angry.

But it’s a fact of life that sometimes you don’t get what you bargained for and have to make peace with what you are dealt with.

Chances are maybe the students won’t get free education like they are hoping for but maybe funds will be further reduced to accommodate those who can’t afford it.

At the end a decision will be made and it might not favour either parties but both parties will have to live with it – that’s just the nature of the beast.

Phelisiwe Ndala

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