Revamp your home with throws and pillows for every style

Think theme and colour scheme

When it comes to scatter cushions and throws, the best trick is to find pieces that match your home’s current colour pallet. This will guide you into choosing tones and patterns that complement your walls, curtains and floors – instead of competing with them. If you have a particular colour combination theme, you don’t want to go overboard but you want create a seamless balance. Use contrasting colours on the colour wheel for a bold look or complimentary colours for a subtler approach to your colour theme and style.

Blend contrasting colours for a bold look, or use complimentary colours to create balance

Accentuate with accessories

You don’t need a complete overhaul to give your home a lift – use house accessories like a statement lamp on your side table, a vintage time piece in the hallway or scatter cushions on the patio can breathe new life into most boring of spaces. Decorating your home with lights adds ambiance to any room, just make sure that the colour scheme works during the day.

Simple accessories can accentuate the colours you have chosen for your home

Break the colour code

Even with a white canvas or nude theme, you can add a bit of texture and colour with duvets to evoke the mood you want in your space. This can be as subtle as adding some dark maroons and a fluffy bed throw to nude bedding, or adding some stripes to break up the main colour you have used. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone or experiment with different hues and patterns and you’ll be surprised how much it lifts your spirit and gives your rooms more personality. The added bonus is that if you have more options you can get two duvets covers in similar colours to ensure variation every time you do washing.

Give your bedroom variety by adding different duvets to add texture and colour

Be a shape shifter

Mix and match the size of your scatter cushions and add colourful throws; this brings balance and dimension to your rooms. Pair pillows and throws to give your furniture a new breath of life by creating different symmetries and colour combinations. Mixing and matching will help you discover different looks and to find your own personalised style.

Create your own personalised style by mixing and matching your throws

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