Metro stops man from extending his home

George Mothibeli points to his unfinished house, in Reedville, that he claims the Metro told him to stop building, without a valid reason.

When he started researching the problem, in an effort to find out why he could not continue his building, he allegedly discovered a number of RDP houses, including his, were built on the wrong piece of land.

“I followed proper procedure and had a plan drawn up and approved by the municipality,” he says.

Mothibeli explains that he then began with the building.

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“One day, in October last year, one of the inspectors from the municipality came to my house.

“All she said was we should stop with the building work.”

He says that he complied, hoping that he would get feedback from the Metro on how to move forward.

“No one from the municipality called or came to see me about the matter.

“It was in December that I began my own investigation.”

After being sent from pillar to post, Mothibeli decided to contact the Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works.

“Someone told me that our houses, mine and my 13 neighbours’ houses, were built on land that belongs to a parastatal.

“The land had been earmarked for the building of a freeway,” he adds.

The African Reporter is in possession of a document from the department that expresses its disappointment that there were regulations that were not adhered to and were not taken seriously by the township developer.

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The department further stated that it will not be liable for any costs in the process or resolution of the matter.

It advised that the town council’s comment be obtained, but efforts to obtain comment from Ekurhuleni Municipality were unsuccessful.

“I still have an unfinished house.

“No answer from the metro, and my building materials are getting stolen or damaged,” adds Mothibeli.

While he has been prevented from building, the issue of what the land was earmarked for has not been raised.

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