SPCA intervenes in neighbours’ dispute

The SPCA has warned Mawillie Blose to adhere to their regulations or they will be forced to remove the animals from his property.

KwaThema – Mawillie Blose’s neighbours, in Interland, have expressed great concern for the goats, sheep and chickens he keeps in his small yard.

The concerned community members claim Blose, who does not live on the property full-time, only comes to feed the animals twice a week.

As a result, they take turns giving the animals scraps of fruit and vegetables from their own homes.

We reached out to Blose and he admitted the situation is getting out of hand.

“I am currently organising for the animals to be moved to a more suitable area. I am also tired of this problem now,” he explains.

He says has been approached by his neighbours, community leaders, the ward councillor and even the SAPS to do something about the livestock.

After contacting the SPCA, we received feedback from Roxanne Grobler, who said the organisation left Blose a letter, and if he does not adhere to their regulations he will receive two more warnings, after which the animals will be removed from his property.

“We have to give him the opportunity to respond,” says Grobler.

Anyone who suspects that animals (pets or livestock) are being neglected or ill-treated in any way, is requested to contact the SPCA on 087 940 2831/082 668 5230 (standard rates apply).

The SPCA does not reveal the identity of the person who lays the complaint.

Xoliswa Kali

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