Holiday Fun – Short Story Writing Challenge

When I get bored I like to read. It’s hard to stay miserable if you have a great story to get lost in.

If you don’t have any nice books to read you could maybe swop with a friend or even ask your parental agent to take you to the closest library.

Libraries are awesome places, full of fabulous things to read, and some of them even run holiday programmes that don’t involve only reading but doing lots of fun stuff too.

If you do get fed up and have nothing to do, think about writing your own short story.

It could be about anything – your life, your pets, your family or even something crazy that you just thought up in your head.

Remember though, stories have a structure.

They have a beginning, a middle bit and an end!

Before starting to write a story, think about the stuff you like to read… probably most people are not that fond of boring old stuff that puts one to sleep.

Mostly we find that something that’s exciting, and makes us wonder what is going to happen next, is much more interesting.

We prefer stories that have us turning the pages in a hurry to get to the end to find out what happens.

Here’s another idea… think about writing a story from a funny point of view. Just imagine if you were a bath plug… you could write a seriously wacky tale. Or pretend to be a tree – a tall skinny one that can see incredibly far and has odd wavy branches that point all over the place. Think what fun a person could have writing a story involving all the creatures that live in that tree.

Go nuts and use your imagination. You could illustrate your story too.

Send your stories to [email protected] and we’ll publish the best ones on Sibo’s website so that other people can also enjoy them. Keep your story between 400 and 1000 words, please.

Remember to include your name and age.

Happy holidays everybody – get your creative writing hats on!


Ginny Stone

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