DVD review: Max 2: White House Hero

DVD: Max2: White House Hero

Reviewed by: Samantha Keogh

Review made possible by: Times New Media

Max is assigned to the White House while Charlie, the secret service dog, is on maternity leave. He meets TJ, the 12- year-old son of the president of the United States of America.

Due to his father’s high profile, TJ he is trying (unsuccessfully) to fit in and lead a normal life, until Max comes to the rescue, not only in the security arena, but also as TJ’s socila buffer.

During a state visit by the Russian President and his daughter, Alexandra (Alex), TJ and Alex leave the White House unaccompanied and run into trouble.

They are saved from being kidnapped by Max and so the three become inseparable in trying to figure out who is trying to harm the two families and bring peace talks between the USA and Russia to a swift halt.

From being part of a tourist trip around the White House, to wild escapades at Camp David, the country retreat of the US president, the two young diplomats must master the art of spying on their suspects while keeping both their fathers at bay.

Max 2 is a great movie for younger viewers, as well as adults who can’t get enough of a clever canine.

It is well worth getting to keep the children happy over cold weekends.

Samantha Keogh

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