DVD review: Annabelle Creation

Reviewed by Samantha Keogh

Review made possible by Times New Media 

Annabelle Creation (otherwise referred to as Annabelle 2) comes with a number of startling moments which may cause the more easily scared among you to levitate off your chair.

The film is set 12 years after the tragic death of Sam Mullins and his wife Esther’s seven-year-old daughter Annabelle.

When the toymaker and his wife welcome a nun and six orphaned girls into their California farmhouse, the scene is set for the reanimation of a doll which seems to have a life of her own.

Terror soon strikes when one of the children sneaks into Annabelle’s room, which they have been forbidden to enter, breaks into a locked cupboard and finds the seemingly innocent doll, also named Annabelle.

With the opening of the closet, the beast has been released and no one is safe.

Soon the house’s occupants become the target of the possessed creation and are forced to run for their lives.

In my opinion, Annabelle Creation is a far scarier and more interesting watch than the 2014 film.

However, while this is a thoroughly enjoyable movie as a stand-alone film, it does not fit into the context of the first film in which the doll was possessed by an adult Annabelle who, aided by her boyfriend, kills her parents rather than the seven-year-old child who is survived by her parents.

If you can view these as two separate, unrelated films rather than two parts of a single story, both movies make recommended viewing for those who enjoy a good horror (or like watching their friends jump).

Samantha Keogh

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