One of a kind

November 13 was World Kindness Day.

Use time wisely

You often hear people saying that they wish they had more time to do something – be it homework, making dinner or spending time with friends doing something fun.

Dangerous assumptions and prejudice

I lived within a ten kilometre radius of KwaThema Hostel for the first twenty years of my life; I had never been phakathi (inside).

Smarty pants

I read some stuff about being smart the other day – with exams coming up we could all probably use a little extra smartness!

The sooner you have the talk, the better

The latest news about the learners who were molested by an elderly security guard at a primary school in Soweto clearly tells us that our children are not safe wherever they are.

Safe travels

Since 2005 South Africa has been officially celebrating Transport Month in October.

Let’s follow the law

Growing up ‘eloskhini’, like most of my peers, I bought a lot of alcohol while I was underage.

Spider woman!

The other day I heard terrible yelling coming from Mum’s bedroom.