Draining away!

The other day mum and I were visiting a friend of hers and mum was moaning that she was going to have to call out a plumber to unblock our shower drain.

34 af opn vox xk

We went out onto the streets to ask people whether they think mob justice is justice at all…

Mental illness is real

It pains me that there are still people who are ashamed to speak about it and seek help, or associate it with witchcraft.

Bait that yields no catch

According to a study by the National Lottery Commission (NLC) in 2011, the lottery in South Africa is hugely supported by poor and low income earners. 73% of Lotto’s most loyal players earn less than R5 000 a month – some of them even earn less than R1 000 a month. In the study, people…

Do your own science tricks

Just because National Science Week is now finished it does not mean that you have to put science out of your mind until next year.