Update: Massive African rock python released at game reserve

The African rock python that was found in the Ekuvukeni area on Friday was safely released on Saturday, the Ladysmith Gazette reports.

The massive snake was released at Nambithi Hills Game Reserve at Memorial Gate by snake expert Fanie Cilliers and staff from the game reserve.

Fanie said that once the mammoth creature was set free, it took a few minutes to move as if adjusting to its new environment before making its way into the dam.

The snake in the water and free at last

The snake in the water and free at last. Picture: Ladysmith Gazette

Fanie and the staff of Nambithi Hills were excited by the fact that the snake was released safely back into the wild.

Fanie said there was an abundant food source for the python, and another plus is that it is away from people.

The snake weighed in at a whopping 25.7kg and having a length of 4.93m!

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