Five alternative routes teens can take after finishing high school

Every year, matriculants are faced with the reality of finishing high school and deciding on which route to take regarding their career or tertiary plans.

We’ve come up with a list which can provide some interesting options that they can embark on after school.

Travel overseas

A gap year in a foreign country is an ideal prospect which could provide your teen with international experience if they decide to find a job. It will also help them become more independent, gain perspective on the world around them and expose them to culture.

Voluntary work

Perhaps your teen has a passion for charity work or philanthropy. They could offer their services to a charity or cause of their choice.

Au pair

There are opportunities to do au pair work locally and internationally. Should your teen want to study at the same time, this will be a great opportunity to earn an income while gaining responsibility.


Joining the military is an option which can provide your teen with experience working for the government. Your teen will have the chance to serve his country, and the military offers career opportunities in the service and the chance to earn or save money to further his education, if he chooses to do so.

Start a business

This can be a win-win opportunity for your teen to either turn a hobby or passion into a business or for them to discover an entrepreneurial endeavour. Starting a business at a young age can equip your teen with the necessary skills to survive in the workplace if they decide to follow a career instead and can give them a headstart if they want to pursue business fulltime.

Five reasons why your teen will benefit from career coaching

By: Bernice Maune

Usually career guidance has been offered to matriculants in their last year of high school as it has been generally understood that they are preparing to go off to university and they may need advice on which degree programmes to study.

Though this has been the general approach, parents can still offer early access to career coaching for their teens to better prepare them for tertiary education and eventually for the working world. This can be done through scheduling a session with a certified career guidance counsellor or through doing personality and aptitude tests online.

Career coaching has many benefits, some of which we’ve outlined below


The sooner your teen can start visualising their career then they will be able to begin cultivating a winning mindset where they plan and set personal and career goals. This will help them follow through on their plans and to measure what they are doing to reach their goals. To-do-lists can also feature in their goal planning as a way to organise themselves and see results. To-do-lists work particularly well in preparing university applications for example.


Each plan needs to be accompanied by a strategy and consulting a career coach will be beneficial in outlining what this strategy should be and how to execute it. Success doesn’t happen by chance and by enabling your teen to think strategically, you will be pivotal in setting them up for long term educational and career success.


If your child is still confused about what they want to do career wise, a career coach will show them how to pin down their strengths and use these to influence their career choice. They will also receive advice on what their talents are best suited.


If your child is feeling uninspired, exposing them to career coaching may just be the kick they need to look at life with a new set of eyes. Reignite their passion for life and for their future by showing them that there are endless possibilities with what they can do with their life. This can add an element of excitement and give them that push they need to move forward and set career goals.


Career coaching will show your teen how to focus and how to employ methods that will keep them focused on the task at hand and in creating and planning long term goals. It’s also a great way for them to understand how staying focused links directly to job longevity and crafting a reputable career.

There are several career and life coaches available in South Africa. We’ve found three which you can consult for further information and to schedule a session.




Five tips on how teens can study smarter

By: Bernice Maune

With the end of the school holidays and the last half of the year here, pupils will have to put in that additional effort to study smarter and achieve excellent results.

Consult our list of study tips which will guide your teen in gaining good marks in preparation for their regular school work, tests and exams.

  1. Different methods in learning the same information

Besides reading class notes and following the paper work that each subject provides, encourage your teen to use a variety of methods to absorb all the information that he has been given. These are the following ways to do so:

  • Read the textbook as soon as it has been issued. This way you familiarise yourself with the subject and the content will make more sense as your teacher begins teaching from it.
  • Create a mind map and place it in visible areas around the home. The more information is seen, the more it gets absorbed. Your teen will soon be able to share knowledge on their subjects because it has been visible to them.
  • Teach someone what you have just learnt and ask them to question you about it. That way it becomes simpler to understand as you explain it.


  1. Study multiple subjects each day, rather than focusing on just one or two subjects.

Your teen can fast track their progress by studying more than one subject a day. This approach will help them to learn faster than by focusing on one subject. They are less likely to confuse the information they have learned if they study multiple subjects at a time.

  1. Say no to multi-tasking and unnecessary distractions

Put a stop to multi-tasking because as much as it seems like a great idea, it isn’t exactly productive. Effective students learn faster and better when they focus on studying so that means not allowing any distractions to interfere such as texting or watching TV.

  1. Group studying

Learning can be made fun when a group of teens come together and spend a day teaching each other, chatting about their school work, making notes and giving each other motivation. At these sessions, they will also be able to gain new perspective on their school work.


  1. Loads of rest is key

While teens are tempted to pull all-nighters and stay up until the early hours of the morning studying, this isn’t always a good idea. Rather they should sleep early enough during the week, getting a full eight hours quality sleep, undisturbed. Diet and good rest is key for optimal brain function and to concentrate during intense periods of learning.

Supporting your teen throughout their school career is essential to their success even though teens should be able to study and work independently. With family support however, your teen can achieve their goals and study smarter.

What to do if your teen is a bully

Any parent would be shocked to find out that their child is a bully and hurting others. If this happens to you and you hear that your child is a bully, take immediate action to remedy the situation and speak to your teen about their behaviour.

As the parent of a child bullying others, it is imperative to understand the reasons behind why your teen is perpetuating such behaviour against others.

According to the Childmind Institute, teenagers become bullies for several reasons:

  • The child wants to fit in with a group of friends who are picking on one classmate.
  • She is getting bullied at home or at school, and is trying to regain a sense of power by acting aggressively toward others.
  • She is looking for attention from teachers, parents, or classmates, and hasn’t been successful getting it other ways.
  • She is by nature more assertive and impulsive than her peers.
  • She has a tendency to perceive the behaviour of other kids as hostile, even when it is not.
  • She does not fully grasp how her behaviour is making the victim feel. This is particularly true of younger kids.

Once you have sat down and identified which factor applies to your child, the next step is to ensure that your teen takes responsibility for her actions, admits her mistakes and learns how to change her behaviour.

We have listed five ways you can discipline your teen for their bullying behaviour with the objective of putting an end to their actions once and for all.

Teens are old enough to be aware of their actions and the effect that they can have on their peers. Speak to your child about the decision they made to bully and why their actions have serious consequences. Make it clear that their behaviour is inexcusable and that bullying will not be tolerated. By owning up to their actions, they will realise that taking ownership of good or bad behaviour is a step towards making a change.

Decide what punishment would be appropriate for your teen. For example if they were cyber bullies, their cell phone usage should be restricted or they should make an online apology to the person they bullied.

Loss of privileges
In addition to punishment for what they did, there should be a loss of privilege. Your teen must understand that bullying has consequences and that they will be dealt with. Consider grounding them, reducing their allowance or arranging for them to meet and issue a personal apology to the person who was on the receiving end of their bullying.

Adhere to policy
Should the school have their own discipline policy, make contact with the teacher or principal to support it and speak about how you can reinforce it at home.

Pursue communication
Keep tabs on your teen. Check in to find out what their attitude is towards their punishment and if they understand why they have to be punished. Look for signs of empathy and compassion towards the victim of your teen’s bullying. Raising your child’s emotional intelligence and instilling empathy goes a long way in preventing future incidents of bullying.


Continue to keep an eye on your child’s behaviour and continue to discipline her if necessary until you are content that she has learnt her lesson and will not repeat the offense again.


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